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Buckled wheel

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  • Buckled wheel

    Someone pulled over and said to me that my drivers side front wheel was slightly buckled :?

    Any suggestions what to do or where to go?

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    have u hit a kerb with the wheel? dumb question but have u checked if the wheel nut a tight? could always jack the car up and see if the wheel bearing has got any paly in it....
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      Its highly unlikely that the wheel bearing will have any play! Dont see it nowadays, if anything, wheel bearings just get rough / noisy

      Take it to a Tyre fitters and get them to put it on their Wheel Balance machine, that will show up if its buckled.

      Or jack the front up and turn the wheel on lock and inspect the inner edge etc and tyre surface for any signs of 'flat Spots'

      Failing that, the person may have seen you wheels turning and it may of just looked like it was out of shape.

      To be honest, if you had a buckled wheel you would prob get some sort of wheel wobble / steering wheel shake at around 70 - 80mph
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        Dont know if this helps but when the car was new a mate of mine pointed out my rear offside was wheel was "loose". I said "what do you mean" and he said it was wobbling. I swore he taking the biscuit but had another friend check it, who said it was fine.

        Maybe it is an illusion with the 19's? You haven't got the 19's have you?


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          Im sure if your wheel was buckled you would feel it when driving! The car would wobble!!! It is possible some dirt or a lighter spot on the tyre has given the illusion of the wheel being buckled as it is spinning!


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            No i haven't hit anything.
            Yes i've got the 19's.
            and no it doesn't wobble.
            Geeza must have been seeing things. I'll have a chack anyway.
            Thanks guys