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astra upgrades on zafira

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  • astra upgrades on zafira

    hi all thought id asked if anybody knows about getting an upgrade on the zafira vxr as i know you can get astra remapped to get about 285 hp but have not seen anywhere the same upgrade for zafira. i know both the astra and zafira have the same engine but the exhaust is different or the rear part is at least . any info would be great also is this sort of upgrade likely to effect warrenty thanks steve

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    Yes, there will be remaps available for the Zaf and the Vectra
    (Pretty sure all the tuners will offer them soon)


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      cheers thorney will keep a look out for one. how long would it take to get car remapped and will it effect warrenty (need to get it done without the missus knowing)


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        Zafira is upgradeable like Astra H , and Astra Vxr
        Engine instalation is very similar but heat evacuation from under bonnet is slightly better on Zafira.
        Results for Zafira regarding power will be very similar to Astra Vxr,
        But please consider brakes on an upgraded Zafira, Heavier car and more power on standard brakes is something to think over especially if 7 up!
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