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  • Airbags??

    Question for anybody out there who can answer it.

    My wife is 5 month preggers. Obviously when the little one comes along need a car seat. However, can't place it in the front coz of the air bags. Didn't get the option of the automatic disabling with the transponders or whatever they are. Didn't even know about them at the time. But then again we wern't thinking of getting pregnant when we got the car.

    What I wanna know is can you turn the passenger side airbags off manually. Or are they permanently on. If not will the baby be safe in the back with the airbags surrounding it.

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    Go to you local dealership. I believe they can turn it off but have to do it with tthe handset thingy!

    Good luck with the little one.

    i sold my children to buy my VXR! :P


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      Some dealers might be unco-operative here. I have heard of dealers refusing to disable the airbags.

      Must admit I have a 7 month old and putting car seat in and out of back is a right pain!


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        my mrs has just had our little 1 3 wks ago and the probs we have putting the seat in the back is a mare i can tell you , well we are still in the process of trying to get them turned off and as soon as we do i will post a link up cos these cars are not meant for baby seats in the back i can tell you that much :?
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