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  • Astra 1 skoda 0

    Just a quick note to cheer every one whos chipped an alloy or got a few stone chips.
    Driving my vxr like you do when a taxi didnt like the front of my car and so pulled out in front of me.
    Didnt give way
    Moved across two lanes
    Didnt even say sorry.
    Women driver
    Going to cost her 7500 grand to fix, nice.
    At least there one less skoka on the road because her car was a wirte off.
    Take it easy and watch out for taxis.

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    What a pi**er! If you're gonna get smacked you would'nt want it to be a) a Skoda b) a taxi c) somebody who don't give a toss. At least she's more likley to be insured due to licensing requirements.

    I admire your philosophical tone.... I'd be seething.

    However, keep smiling...its only a car - can be rebuilt / replaced


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      I know insurance covers it but I bet you gutted.

      Sorry to hear it.

      Got any pics?


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        could of been worse

        My car could off been writen off aswell and not a sratch on me. Air bags work.


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          Sorry to hear about this ... your not hurt most importantly & a lot calmer than I'd be !


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            Jings oh, just glad to hear your okay. Fingers crossed the car is repaired asap :wink:


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              Glad you're ok.

              I had a run in with a taxi a few months since - well I would have had a run in if I hadn't of mounted the curb to avoid him, resulting in a nicely curbed alloy


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                Oh Billy so sorry to hear that....

                Best wishes m8!!!
                Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                  gutted for ya mate hope you get it sorted soon
                  stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                    glad to hear you are ok.

                    I'd push for a write off, if you've taken it to a vaux dealer for repair have a word and see if they can do some quote juggling.


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                      Same thing here!

                      I had a Polish lady in a nissan primera undertake on a one way system. She asked if i could give her a lift to the train station as she did not know the way as she had only been in the country for 2 days. I taught her some new words in english

                      Her car was written off as i bent it in half despite doing ony 15MPH.

                      New bumper and a headlight. The guys at Pheonix Vauxhall did a good job sorting it out though.

                      I wont go into the Insurance company as they insisted i went to a back street coach works in Croydon. (No chance) I asked the lady at elephant .com if she would send her baby to a back street childminder. She was very quiet on the other end of the phone!

                      It still annoys me that i know it is not my original bumper though.