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Dump valve + squeeky clutch

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  • Dump valve + squeeky clutch

    I finally got round to fitting my DV today... The actual fitting of it was fine, I followed Daz's guide and experienced no problems. Took it out for a test drive and found a few things. 1, I didn't like the noise it makes. 2, When releasing the accelerator whilst on boost, the car gently jerked as the DV released pressure. 3, A low noise appeared while accelerating that wasn't there before fitting of the DV. Therefore, I have taken it off. I went out for another test drive after removing it, and had no jerking, and no low noise whilst accelerating.... Any one looking for a DV??

    I found another little problem during my 1st test drive too. When releasing the clutch, it squeeks until it is fully released. Has anyone else experienced this? :? I normally drive with music on, so I must have been covering the noise up until now, or on the off chance, is there a possibility that I've brought this on with the fitting of the DV? I doubt it, but I am [email protected] with mechanics...

    Feedback welcome!

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    hi i had the squeaking clutch on my last two cars, had it on my corsa sxi had it fix under warranty i think they just grease it but on my Audi TT it was the master cylinder what went had that fix under warranty too maybe it just needs greasing i know what its like drive you mad


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      Yeah prob does just need a lubing. Strange though - I got in this morning and the squeek has gone. It was hot yesterday - I wonder if that has anything to do with it? :?