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strange sounds

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  • strange sounds

    it appears as though im part of the "strange sounds coming from somewhere" club.
    it sounds like when you rub your hands on a balloon,kind of ticking sound.
    its coming from somewhere infront of the drivers side.
    it cropped up about a week ago and has been there since.
    i`ve had a look under the bonet and nothing appears out of the ordinary.
    anybody had a similar sound?

    to add to that theres a large groan when you come to unlock the car with the fob.
    im not looking forward to my first vist to vauxhall

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    I get the groan when locking the car.

    I have a Knocking sound......but only sometimes.......coming from the boot area when driving over speed bumps. Ive looked and checked everything, god nows what that is.


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      think i might have the same sound i thought i had a leaking valve on the tyre but i got it checked and it aint that not to sure what it is really hope someone can shed some light on it.


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        I have a sort of "creeking" noise, is the only word i can use to describe it, when i accelerate in a high gear at low speeds. I think i know what it is but it would take me a week to explain lol. Ithink its a wire i knocked out of place when changing my engine hoses