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Travelling along and then...

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  • Travelling along and then...

    Was travelling along at 70mph on a DC, had been driving for 2 hours so car was warm and everything completel normal e.t.c.

    Glanced down to my dash to see all lights ignited and the startup procedure of dials sweeping left to right? :? :? :? :? It was as if I had just started the car up.

    Engine never cut out, or at least not that I noticed, and that was that. Never happened again. I remember someone else posted about this recently but cannot remember what the outcome was?

    What on earth is this all about?

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    It's probably the camp driver detector. . Seriously though last week the engine management light on mine flicked on for around 5 seconds than went off. Nothing has happened since and the car seems to be running fine.


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      I think you should get it checked at the local VX dealer to see a fault code shows up on a tech 2


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        Who me or pd


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          both of you

          any dash light or fault should produce a code in the ecu which a tech 2 will pick up on.


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            Happened to me the other day to. QAnd It used to happen pretty regularly in the last car i had with CAN-BUS.

            I didnt take it to the dealers. If it does it again I will do though.


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              Mine did this as well I spoke to the one of the techinitains at my dealer about this and there was a notice from Vauxhall about this. Supposedly it affect Meriva's and some Astra VXR's. Cause is something to do with the pins in the connector at the back of the instrument cluster being to long. But supposedly it will only be fixed if it can be faulted while under investigation, as no fault code is thrown up by the computer. If they cannot fault it on test it then becomes a charging job?!!!!? . I was told to keep an eye on it and if it does it repeatedly take it in. Why it is a charging job if they cannot fault it was my question, but supposdely that was the official line. Maybe VXR mothership can shed some light on this.

              Needless to say mine has only done it the once.


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                i would not pay for it especially if there had been a notice from vx saying there was a fault
                stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                  Not done it today. Just over 6100 when it happened, wonder if that is significant? Interesting...


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                    As I said I have been keeping an eye on this and it has been 2000 miles since it did it. and it has not done it again. Incidently mine also had 6000 odd miles on the clock! Wierd that, or maybe just coincidence.

                    Anyways when it did do it I had been driving for a while 40minutes or so, the cruise control was on at I was doing 75. The cruise control temporarily switched off and back on once the guages had gone back to the actual speed. That was the reason why I noticed the dials doing there start up as I looked down to see what the heck was going on. Must admit I kind of thought Oh C**p I have broken it!