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rain wipers

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  • rain wipers

    not that impressed with the automatic wipers,used them this morning
    seem to be ever waiting for them to sweep the screen,then visibility
    becomes poor so you end up moving the control arm up manualy to clear the screen ..............
    did think twice when ordering to go for the sight and light pack,
    the electro anti - dazzle mirrors fine,so is the automatic lighting control
    [apart from small undrpasses] when the car in front thinks your flashing them!!!!

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    i did think about it but only my opinion i just think automatic lights and wipers are a gimmick and a waste of money as you say you end up doin it yourself. lol. its a bit like them push start engine buttons you get but have to turn ignition on first, then push button lol may aswell turn the flippin key itd be quicker
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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      i think your spot on, bit of a gimmick...................
      but great when showing the spec of your car to yer mates


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        yeah i went in to vaux garage when buying mine they gave me a whole list of options (when was actually gonna buy new) i chose two, lol black paint and 19s lol. Then i thought no i aint gonna lose all my hard earned through depreciation so found a ex demo with 19s and in black so took that one. Also knew that all them extras eg sight and light, cruise control etc i would just never use them well thats just me tho.
        Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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          Re: rain wipers

          Originally posted by vauxmad
          not that impressed with the automatic wipers
          You will be. Wait till you're driving down the motorway at a ton+ during showery rain, VERY heavy at times. When that rain hits man, watch those wipers spring into action! And like it is in this country within a couple of miles it's bright sunshine again, hey presto, the wipers stop!

          When driving at speed, hitting heavy torential rain from light rain is no joke. The auto wipers feature takes away the distraction of you having to maintain correct wiper speed and leaves you to concentrate on maintaining 100mph+!


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            good point, but what do you think about them in light rain around town?
            i find it doesnt wipe as often as they should,then you use the flick wipe funtion[touch arm down] wipes the screen but cancels the auto wipers
            maybe its me adjusting to it ?


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              Like today you mean? Well I travelled from one side of Nottingham this morning to the other side and back again. The traffic was dismal (Accident on Clifton Bridge) Total travel time 1 1/2 hours.

              For the majority of the journey the rain was that light (drying at times on the screen) and I was going that slowly, I found that the occasional flick down was enough - perhaps one flick every ten minutes or so.

              I got up some speed at one point so flicked up and left it on auto till it was nose to tail again

              I wouldn't use auto for really light rain in slow traffic just when I get up some speed. The other thing that really helps is Rainx but I won't go into that here as it's been covered elsewhere.

              All in all you made the right choice with the sight and light pack my friend.

              BTW that lights on in underpass scenario - Mercs have been doing that for years (first manu to mass produce auto lights) and have you ever been IN FRONT of someone when it's happened to YOU? I have and I always think, oh they've got autolights. Plus I've got the AFL so by the time the xenons come on they're off again! Not really enough to be considered a flash IMO.


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                some good points there, thanks
                like i said nether had stuff like this on a car before
                about the lights ,i think there great, but on a certain part of road i use
                i go under a bridge at around 50-60 mph for about 2-3 secs and the lights
                come on and as soon as thy come on im out the bridge and they go off....
                then again looks pretty cool.............thanks again


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                  Originally posted by vauxmad
                  looks pretty cool
                  Exactly! :P


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                    Do you not have a switch on the stalk to change the sensitivity? on my Focus i have a toggle switch so i can set it to say 3 and if I get light rain it comes on and also sets it to your speed and how fast its raining, I can set it between 1 and 6 but i usually have it on 1 cos it is very good. The lights are quite good aswell...Have you tried cleaning the sensor?



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                      i agree with corsa to some extent,the push button start and the auto wipers/ a.f.l are imo a bit of a novelty.
                      the car we test drove had afl and i just was`nt bothered about my lights moving about
                      there the kind of options that are great if money is no object but ott to the likes of me.