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Warranty Issues

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  • Warranty Issues

    Took my 56 plate VXR in to my dealer on Tuesday last week due to my IDS+ light staying lit permanately. Was told by them that it needs a new strut and sensor. The only problem is that it for some crazy reason will take three weeks to get the parts sent from Germany then when they are in the country will take another week to get sent to my dealer in Bristol. Starting to really annoy me now as they would of had the car longer than I have had it. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced any problems like this?


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    3 weeks to fix a dodgy speaker... had it in, they had it all day as they had to strip out the rear end to get to the speaker... didnt have it in stock, even tho i told them what the prob was and said they agree but wudnt order it in until the car had been stripped... 3 weeks later speaker turned up and another day they had the car to fix it.


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      Having to wait a couple of weeks for replacement control rod for my AFL unit, which until then means my lights are properly aligned so have to be careful at night when running on dipped beam :?


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        three weeks to paint a door, twice, and a 38 mile round trip to the bodyshop