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  • Magnex questions

    OK so i bought a Magnex but have two questions to ask? Now that its fitted it make loads of turbo whistle for want of a better description! Is this normal? Secondly anyone else with a Magnex does your tail tip sit totaly true? as in level from the back and also looking from the top down? Im happy with the exhaust kinda as long as i know what im asking is normal for the Magnex!? Or it will be coming back off for re-alinment! Cheers!

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    HI there/ yes i get that sound too. i can only assume its normal as i have had no adverse effects from it. at first i thought it was blowing but after a little investigation it wasn't

    i fitted the exhaust myself with the help of my younger brother (a mechanic) and once fited it rested on the top of the exhaust cutout. after bending the bars it now fits perfectly. maybe this is required on yours?


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      thanks for the reply i fitted mine myself and also thought it was blowing a bit but sound as if its normal! my tail tip si only just squint but i will try to tweek the hangers see how it goes. Cheers!


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        When the exhaust beds in you will love the sound. I'm trying to get a video of it. hopefully soon. its unbelievable.


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          how long did yours take to bed in? Its getting louder all the time!!!


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            Didn't take too long after a good thrashing.

            Also the exhaust is level with the bumper but after some real thrashing it expands about 1cm out of the back.

            Pics soon.


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              Just a link with some pick's of magnex!! Hope these help.