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TFT in sun visor

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  • TFT in sun visor

    Ok i'm looking into putting tft's into the sun visors so that they can be used to watch films and i can also use it for a reversing camera.

    I know you can buy then already in sun visors but here is my dilema:

    I want to still use the standard sun visor
    I still want to be able to use the lights (see have you seen this thread)
    I still want the flap there to open and close it.
    Here is the killer I still want to be able to use it as a mirror.

    So does anyone one know where to buy a mirror tft screen that will fit in place of the std mirror? i'm not bothered about thickness etc as it can always be made to fit right but it must fill the same area as the mirror.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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    Oh i'm just after the TFT no kits and cheap and cheerful if poss.

    I have looked but can;t see anything obvious.


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      Do you have the Sat/Nav and colour screen system fitted?

      'Cos you can always use the central colour screen and keep your original sun visors, their lights and mirrors!

      Even if you don't have the colour screen, it's easy to retrofit one and then display DVD as well as a reverse camera that can automatically display the rear view image on the central screen when you engage reverse.



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        Hi Mark. I have thught about going down that route but i'd rather be awkward and do it this way.


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          john you need to speak to napa i thin k he's pretty clued up on this sort of thing he's moving this weekend so you will have to pm him then he will answer when he comes back on line ok mate
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            yeah ive already done it matey but the reversing camera dont show you every thing you can see with ya own eyes ita close but not close enought
            looks good tho
            sigpic proud owner of astra vxr n custom vivaro nurburg


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              Do you have any pics \ details of where you got it from?

              id addition to the camera i'm looking into developing a crude but simple laser parking assistance.


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                well the tft screens i got of ebay the caremra system mi mate got me and as for pics cams proken at min ment to be buying one soon il take pics then for yas if ya go to any car audio place that does modded cars or any were like that they will sort you out
                sigpic proud owner of astra vxr n custom vivaro nurburg


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                  Ah i think i know what you mean. did you buy the whole new sun visor?