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Minimum Trip distance?

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  • Minimum Trip distance?

    Just wondering on what the minimum journey distance is that would be healthy for the car.

    I live around 5 mins drive from work, and have thought if the car is just turning on, and not getting to warm up properly and then turned off again all day, will this damage it in any way?

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    poss only the zorst would rot through quicker due to not getting hot enough to burn off the caustic fluids it produces,best thing to do would be to take it for a good blast a couple of times a week.
    i am sure you will get some more answers if i am wrong :? :? :?


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      Should be okay as long as you keep revs low on a short journey (two reasons, 1. car probably won't be up to temp across a very short distance and 2. if car does reach right temps and you give it a quick blast you'd then have to allow 2 mins cool down before engine off). As micheal says running on a standard exhaust it would probably rot through quicker.