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07.5 changes?

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  • 07.5 changes?

    Has anyone got one of the newer revisions of the vxr? I know they've changed the cd fascia to piano black, but can't find any other info about what else has changed. Can someone provide pics?

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    id like to change from my silver fascia to piano black as my car is black is this poss or will it be well expensive
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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      will require a new infotainment system (cdc30, 40 etc) that is in piano black as for the fascia surround and steering wheel its easy to replace


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        oh cricky how much would a new cd player unit cost then
        Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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          not to sure mate but im not sure it will actually be worth it to be honest unless you can source a used model off ebay etc with the codes but saying that the piano black hasnt been on the scene long for many to be floating about


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            I've got an 07 vxr and recently fitted my dvd headunit in. It was an absolute nightmare trying to get hold of a piano black fascia adaptor. Neither Vauxhall or autoleads manufacture them at the moment. My local car audio dealers managed to source us one from another supplier for £20 and then i paid £9 for the leads.

            The fascia is a pretty close match although once vauxhall release the part, i will probably swap it over.

            My digital camera isn't working at the moment however, if you send me a pm, i can send pics as a mms


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              Trust don't want this Piano Black stuff.

              I went to my local friendly Vauxhall dealer to have a look at the new Corsa VXR the other day (Silver, 18's etc - Bristol, Patchway).

              This had that stuff in it and it looked awful - absolutely covered in minor scratches that caught the light and made it look terrible - just wiping your finger over the surface seemed to scratch it ...

              ...and where it wasn't scrathed there were just grubby, greasy finger prints everywhere where people had played with all the buttons.

              Probably worth it if you are never going to drive your car, but for an everyday driver I can only see this stuff being a nightmare...

              IMO of course :wink:



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                I have an 07 Astra VXR with the Piano Black fascia, it looks SO much nicer than the older model imho - but I'm used to it, having had the same in my previous car - RX. I drive the car every day and its not covered in scratches or finger prints even though my two young daughters insist on sitting in the car whenever I wash it (and they cant keep their fingers off anything). The black fascia even extends round the gear stick and thats not scratched either.....

                ...maybe its a showroom thing, loads of people climbing in and out constantly, not really giving two hoots whether they mark anything as it not their car?


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                  Can you post a nice picture showing how it looks?


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                    im not fond of the piano black, but then again, im used to the silver fascia and carbon style trim. love it


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                      I think they changed the pillar covers on the doors to be carbon look rather than matt black.
                      Astra VXR - Power Red - Antracite 19s - Folding Mirrors - Cruise - ITG filter - Courts red hoses


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                        yeah spot on, the b pillars are carbon affect,i had a sri sporthatch
                        before my vxr with the silver dash trim which i thought looked great,
                        when i ordered my vxr,end of nov i saw some press photos of the new piano black trim and was'nt that keen, but when i picked the car up from
                        the dealers it looked stunning!!!!
                        ok it does show dust more but i carry a microfibre cloth in my door pocket
                        and just give it a wipe if the need
                        when i go in my mates sxi [silver trim] it just dont do it for me like the piano black