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First thoughts on remap.

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  • First thoughts on remap.

    Had an opportunity to drive a 888 remapped Astra VXR yesterday. Wow! There are alot of headlines with bhp at the moment, and i am sure that 888's will be in the ball park with everyones, 280-290. But what impressed most was the improved throttle response/drivability coupled with a huge wave of useable torque.
    The car was easier to drive hard than the std car in sport mode, throttle progression was far smoother and linear, torque steer was certainly no worse, and the urgency was on a different level to the std car.
    Overtaking in third gear requires some concentration or you tend to get very near the car you are about to overtake before you know it!!!
    In std mode the car was again quicker than sport on a std car, but again with better more linear throttle input. In either state 'lag' was no worse.
    It is hard to see any down sides to this sort of upgrade (other than the brakes will take a hammering as you get used to how quick it picks up behind other cars.
    Cant wait for the official upgrade to be launched!!
    Insignia VXR, quite nippy!

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    Interesting thing is the way that most of the tuners are finding the way to smooth the throttle response out, so perhaps VXL will adopt this for future production cars as most of the press commented on this.


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      Glad you liked the remap, well see you next week then?
      Brakes are a must to get the best, Adjustable suspension has shown up well in early tests, and the sprint car is truly awsome ,inlet charge temps have dropped quite a lot by removing aircon and venting hot air.
      Big power isnt what is required on this car, the more we work with it the better it becomes Astra VXR is responding really well to tuning, worth the wait for sure. Puts a smile on my face every test we do now.
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        David, how are things coming along with the Vectra developments?


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          Vectra VXR is remapped in a different way to Astra, Its a little more complicated and we are waiting on a new Test car from Vauxhall to try the new software,Level one should be ready for release before the end of the month, there are just not enough spare cars avail at the mo not to mention hours in the day.Its certainly going to scare a veiw of the big hitters manufacturer wise.
          [email protected]/888


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            Ok, keep us posted. I am certainly very interested.