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Newbie Wanting either Focus St Or VXR

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  • Newbie Wanting either Focus St Or VXR

    Hi all just came across this site and signed on. I'm going to buy a car in the next 6-7months and a price range of 17k -19k and have always loved hot hatches. My bro has just bought a Clio 182 Trophy and that is really quick esp on the b-roads. Cause I do approx 300miles a week I will need a bigger car more of a cruiser and allot more torque. At the moment I am driving a 205 Gti which is hell on cruising seems to put 28mpg at best cause of its cam profile and it isn't made for cruising. I was thinking of getting the ST 30.4mpg and found that the astra did the same . What are your views on the mpg of the car and also its power and torque overtaking 60-80, 70-90? Also what is the insurance group max will be 17, 18? Thanx

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    Hi there,
    I suspect you know the answers you're gonna get on a VXR message board, but I faced the same choice as you back in December. Having had two test drives in both the ST and VXR, there was really no choice. Focus was a nice drive and you could tell there was 225bhp to play with... however, on both occasions I felt flat when I got out. The VXR... can 'pootle' around town if needs be, but demands to be driven on the edge and is just every respect.
    I also do a lot of motorway miles (average 80 per day) and got rid of my CTR because it was just too noisy. The VXR is a confident cruiser, at its best in the mid range, ...probably not a fat lot in it between the standard VXR and ST in this respect ...but at the end of the day, the ST looks and feels like a Focus.
    As for MPG... I'm getting circa 32 and my insurance went down from the CTR (????).
    I'll leave others better placed to bombard you with technical detail and 'modding' potential, but would just say one thing .....Go for the VXR - you won't regret it!


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      When all is said and done:
      If you think with your head - buy an ST.
      If you think with your heart - buy a VXR.


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        All summed up pretty much,one big point missing, The VXR is much faster than most people might think, it will leave the ST standing, A miltek exhaust and a remap will soon take the power to just under 300BHP, and the car looks stunning !