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  • Alarm

    Hi, picked up my new Arden Blue VXR early February (cancelled order)
    Leather,Sat Nav,Climate,Cruise, IPC, 18" Wheels.
    Only covered around 1000 miles so far.
    I like it better than the Golf GTI, which is a little gutless, but nice to hustle around the corners. The Golf sat nav not TMC enabled.
    The FordST seems to have the wrong gear ratios for fast B roads, and is a bit people carrier.
    The R32 goes nicely and easily, you cover ground quickly without noticing it, especially with no torque steer- but needs a bigger engine for more envolvement.
    On my VXR the alarm goes off for no reason from time to time,having been parked for a while, in the garage or outside in the open, windy or calm.
    Anyone else had this, Ive been monitoring the site, but it doesnt look like it.
    Its at the dealer for three days whilst they try to fix it.
    Stone chips, just a couple - the Vauxhall paint stick doesnt seem to match too well.
    As a matter of interest I like a spare wheel so I purchased a jack, and full sized spare and tyre. It just about fits in the well, with about three inches sitting up into the boot, so slightly less room - worth it for the convivenience though.

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    the alarm fault is a problem many of us who own or owned H SRi's prior to my VXR and i had the fault registered with Vxl customer care, luckily in the past just short i have had my VXR no alarm problems touch wood.
    I have heard on the Astra H forum on that many have had it sorted now.


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      Re: Alarm

      Originally posted by steve h
      Stone chips, just a couple - the Vauxhall paint stick doesnt seem to match too well.
      I have found that too - try the Halfords touch up stick or even better get them to mix you up a little pot from the VX paint code - always found that to be spot on.


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        I use the halfords touch up


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          My new VXR had the alarm problem, just went off for no reason and normally without the lights flashin making it hard to know if its you or not. Had my milltek fitted last thursday and they also reprogrammed the alarm and so far so good. I think they just update the software for the alarm and it irons out some bugs, not sure tho.


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            Alarm plus oil

            Thanks for your comments.
            The car has been at the garage for four days whilst they talked to Vauxhall.
            They found a gap in the programming and have supposedly downloaded and fixed it. So far so good, so sounds the same as Mr Mikes. I am supprised it took so long, surely Vauxhall are getting some feed back from their dealers.
            I bought the Halfords touch up, but have yet to try it.
            Now does any one know what oil is required for the engine. the handbook indicates a few specs according to ambient temps.
            The garage say 5-30, but Castrol and also the halfords computer system says 0-30.
            Whats in to start with from the factory ???