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    Picked up my arden blue vxr with 19's on friday what an absolute belter goes great even when sticking to a self imposed 3000rpm limit fir the first 600 miles or so would recommend it to anyone :P

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    Hope you enjoy the car and look forward to seeing it at shows and meets.
    I personally would not stick to the 3000rpm limit but this is my opinion. It will not hurt to rev gentley to higher revs in the lower gears once the car has covered 250 miles or so, of course no labouring!! or red lining.However this is a personal view on this and I appreciate its what you feel is best!!
    Have fun.


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      i gotta admit i did redline my on the odd few occassion (not much) when i first picked mine up and before the recommended 600miles :wink:
      4950 on the clock now and its only got better, maybe something to do with the full milltek and TMS remap :wink: but prior to that with some milage it was a much better drive