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Another strange noise that I could use some help with

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  • Another strange noise that I could use some help with

    Hi all,
    thanks for the responses top my previous topics.
    I have recently starting hearing a strange grinding noise coming from what I presume to be underneath the car.
    It can be heard from the passenger footwell area / centre console area.
    It happens when driving slowly in first or second gear and gently applying the accelerator.
    It also happens to a far lesser extent when the gears are disengaged and the car is slowly rolling but it seems a lot more noticeable when in gear and gently pushing on and off the accelerator.
    I don't need to be turning the wheels or anything, it will happen in a straight line.
    I've attached a video for reference if anyone could offer any guidance?
    I'm thinking it may be driveshaft or diff related.
    Recently, i've had a new air con compressor fitted and the exhaust re-mounted due to it knocking off the rear bumper but I don't think these will be related to the noise I am hearing now.

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    Hi all,
    just in case anyone else ever has this issue, it seems to be related to the exhaust rattling. It’s booked in today to be fixed so I’ll let you know what the outcome is should anyone else ever have the issue in the future.


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      How did you get on with this?
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        Hi Mark,
        No joy, the exhaust 'specialists' can't replicate the noise on the ramp. They can hear it while test driving though.
        It's definitely coming from the exhaust and specifically can be heard in between (but behind) the front seats under the floor.
        Problem is, it is being looked at under warranty and I am stuck with the garage that the dealer picked but I will be taking it to my local mechanic at the end of the month.
        The exhaust was recently adjusted to stop it knocking off the rear bumper when starting up the engine. The adjustment cured this problem but left me with this new one.