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  • Manifold nuts

    Hi there, I am going to be removing the turbo fro an Astra H VXR because of a large crack, my dilemma is how to remove the nuts as there is very little clearance between them and the manifold, is there any tricks to removal or special tools???

    any help would be much appreciated.


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    Do you mean the nuts holding the manifold to the head? If so plenty of extensions of various lengths and some flexi / Universal joints will do the trick just right.

    If on the other hand you mean removing the CHRA from the cast manifold, then just a basic spanner will work just right.


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      Hi, yes the nuts to the head there seems to be very little clearance On the the top where I cannot get a socket on and worried that I have to spanner being so rusty lol .


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        You should easily be able to get a socket on. Assume you’re using 3/8ths and not 1/2inch.

        The bolts shouldn’t be too tight anyway, but I’d advise soaking for a few days before hand with PlusGas or similar if you can.