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Help with a new clutch

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  • Help with a new clutch

    Im running a stage 3 and the clutch is slipping.
    what should i buy? Also are the upgraded one a direct change over? To save on labour cost.
    will a light weight flywheel be the way to go over the dual mass? And is that a direct swap?

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    A standard replacement clutch is more than capable at stage 3. Wether the light weight flywheel is the way to go really depends on what you are wanting to achieve.


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      As andrew said standard clutch is fine

      Depends if it's a daily or weekend/track toy with the flywheel

      Standard flywheel is capable at stage 3

      Single mass will free up power slightly but will suffer with more vibration at low revs/idle

      Standard clutch flywheel and csc will set you back £400 at euro car parts if you ask nicely

      Uprated clutch and smf will set you back around 900 from the likes of RnD etc
      2009 Astra H Vxr arden blue uprated gearbox endcase with bigger bearings, 3" cobra catback non res with toyosport 2.5 double decat, mtc crossover delete and tophat

      Planning to go stage 3/3.5 eventually


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