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couple little questions about head gasket and injector seals replacement

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  • couple little questions about head gasket and injector seals replacement

    So after putting up with a little leak from the head gasket for a while i recently noticed a smell of petrol in the cabin so took the oppotunity to get a new filler cap, new head gasket and new injector seals.

    However as always when i plan a job i have some questions and hopefully someone here can help

    first off i know the head gets torqued to 8Nm but what about the injectors or rather the bit the holds the injectors, is their a torque setting for those?

    When fitting the new head gasket what's the recommended practice as far as using sealent? i've seen some say use none just the new gasket, others say use it with the gasket and others say just use a little on the sort of half sphere bits?

    finally is there any sort of guide online to replacing the seals on the injectors? i've had a look and can't seem to find any, or is it one of those things that when i've got the injector in front of me it'll be really obvious where the seals are and which one goes where etc...?

    as always thanks for putting up with my noob questions.

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    The torque setting for the fuel rail bolts is also 8nm.
    the seals just pull off the injectors, as you say it's dead obvious when you have the injector in front of you.
    For the cam cover gasket the only place you need sealant is in the corners of the half moons and the corners where the front cam caps meet the cylinder head.


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      Ok, thanks for the pointers it's appreciated, i think I know where you're talking about with the sealent, would there be any harm in just running a bead all around just to be safe? last question, for sealant is whatever I can find online ok or is there something specific/particular ones that are good


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        There's really no need to smear sealant every where, if it leaks without then it's a cheapo seal or something else is wrong. The seal on mine is eleven years old, has been off three times for cam swaps and stem seals, it got a dob of sealant in the corners and refitted, no leaks. I've only ever used the genuine sealant but any that's sets and is flexible should work.


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          Hylomar Blue is decent sealant and is a fine alternative to OEM.