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Help with Present Error Codes!

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  • Help with Present Error Codes!

    I took my car down to the local mechanic as it is having problems starting in the mornings. At first it was the battery so that has been replaced. But after a month the car is still having issues.

    They have produced an inspection test and said the following codes cannot be cleared.

    When the key is turned nothing happens. No clicking sound but just a flashing service light. Then after a few attempts it starts again. I was produced this inspection test and told the following codes will not clear. My rev counter also has issues working sometimes.

    Could it be due a new crankshaft sensor, spark plugs or alternator? Any advice would be great.

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    I think the clue is in the photo its telling you wants not working correctly, even more worrying its telling trained mechaincs whats wrong and they have not looked into it.
    Vectra VXR estate 07


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      I would say check batteries on key. And try with second Key. Seems some immobiliser maybe...


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        Changed the battery in the main key fob and tried the spare key and still unfortunately has the same problem. Getting it checked over by Vauxhall on Friday for their opinion.

        People have encountered the same issue and said the following in the link: