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Astra H VXR with Astra J turbine housing?

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  • Astra H VXR with Astra J turbine housing?

    so what ive hear the astra J is a K04 right? would the turbo exhaust housing then fit the Astra H k04? with it having a flange to manifold im presuming it should be fairly easy then to have a custom tubular manifold for the K04, for more top end as dont want to sacrifice the quicker spool compared to a K06 but also reaping the benefits of a twinscroll turbo. i already have turborebuilds uprated core with 360 thrust bearing and 11 blade billet compressor wheel (its not a k06 hybrid) im guessing no one has done it before but then again why would they, im just weird lol. i know klasen has just released their new manifold (link at the bottom) but its not a tubular one and the runs are short so cant be reaping the benefits of exhaust scaverging. also for £800 for 30 bhp gains seems abit excessive lol. i saw krs has made a k04 hybrid using a moddified Astra J turbo core but are still using the Astra H manifold and got 370 Bhp (link at the bottome) so i guess my ultimate question is, would it work and with my uprated core and potentially a tubular manifold do you think 400 bhp is acheivable? would be funny to say running 400 on a K04 astra H


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    Not necessarily, k04 Is a generic size/range so there's no guarantee the turbine wheels or housings would be interchangeable.


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      No idea but welcome to the forum, and sounds good what your thinking. let us know how you get on. and feel free to come back anytime


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        That is 30 BHP using stock k04 core with the new klassen manifold

        If you used a hybrid core such as your gtx or a k06 the gains would most likely be a lot more substantial
        2009 Astra H Vxr arden blue uprated gearbox endcase with bigger bearings, 3" cobra catback non res with toyosport 2.5 double decat, mtc crossover delete and tophat

        Planning to go stage 3/3.5 eventually


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          This is the manifold I am going to fit after xmas to match my hybrid ko6 but I need to get forged aswell then I can expect 360+ bhp .
          stage 3