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  • “Big Power“ VXR

    Hi all. After some advice here.

    Managed to win myself a fully forged Z20LEH on a raffle. Wossner pistons, frp rods, cams, piper valve springs Etc etc.

    I never intended to go big Power with my astra but after winning the engine I would like to do so just to say I’ve been there and done that.

    turbo wise, I’m aiming for 400bhp-450bhp, that’s the area I will be happy with. What would people suggest for this kind of power? I’ve been looking at GTX28xx or GTX30xx must be externally gated. (Blame all the jap 2jz videos for my obsession with external WG) but never really understood how expensive these turbos were until I started looking!

    ive seen the “eBay turbo” builds etc And it scares me that people are putting £200 turbos on these cars but seem to be having good results? I’m looking to do it on a budget, not spend absolute thousands etc just to enjoy the car. I’ve seen the likes of Mamba turbos, Kingawa etc or is it a case of must go genuine Garrett?

    im new to this world of bigger turbos etc so I’m learning along the way and any input will be appreciated
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    My feeling on this sort of thing is buy the brand name turbo, you know exactly what you're getting, it's been QA checked if it leaks the second you put it on the Dyno you have some comeback. if you do a 'budget' build under normal circumstances ,ie you didn't have a free engine, the savings on the cheap turbo end up been insignificant compared to the cost of pistons, Conrods, clutch, fuel pumps, injectors, a decent intercooler, a manifold that won't crack after a couple of hundred heat cycles, a free flowing exhaust that fits, wastegate, a remap etc


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      Oh yeah of course I understand that. I’ve seen a lot of these Mamba turbos have really great views, due to the fact of being anti surge housings ball bearing etc and at £800 they aren’t breaking the bank at all. Ideally I want to stick to genuine but rather get it right first time