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    Now then guys and girls,

    After falling in love with the H VXR when they first came out I am about to buy one as a 2nd/weekend car.

    I've got my eye on an Arctic for sale with Cheshire Performance. First of all, is the previous owner on here? Secondly, is there any knowledgeable people in the North West that would be able to help in the future? I'm planning on a nut and bolt job with the goal being a good 350-400 break but it also be concourse. Any help/tips/guidance would be much appreciared.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    just looked at it very nice has had lots done not much left for you to do other than drive and keep it in that condition , lot of money but your choice.
    stage 3


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      Yeah it looks very clean. i've seen a number of Arctics for high money. I was thinking of making them an offer, as you say 12.5 seems steep.