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Newbie ???'s & Bluetooth option

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  • Newbie ???'s & Bluetooth option

    Another couple of newbie ???'s please !!!
    Does the VXR have folding electric mirrors ?
    Will the VXR have its own VXR logo mat set ?
    On the options front : The bluetooth connectivety option.
    What will this allow me to do in respect of my mobile phone.{ At the mo
    i just use a headset }
    Cheers & Thanx all
    :? :? :?

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    No the Astra has electric mirrors as standard, not electric folding.
    Yes it comes with VXR mats
    The Bluetooth kit should mean you do away with your headset.


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      I have the Bt kit in the Vectra. In future I will not get a car without it.
      1. It works as a hard wired system ( loading the phone book)where you obtain a cradle for the phone you use if available from VXL. However, I think it only works with the 4 main networks. I am sure it does not work with 3. The cradle allows charging as well. All options appear on the screen.
      2. You can use voice calling. You press the steeering wheel button, say call, it asks you whether its a name or number, say name,.... home if youhave sorted it it will dial. If you say number it asks for the number and you say it in chucks, 01473 and next 1234 and next 0000 and next you say call, it dials.
      3. You can use Bt but only certain phones support the whole Bt service, that is loading the phone book by all the next works.
      A worth while option in my opinion. The clarity is excellent and you can do it all without moving your hands from the steering wheel.