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Astra VXR in this months EVO

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  • Astra VXR in this months EVO

    I see EVO magazine have got an Astra VXR as part of their fast fleet to replace the outgoing Monaro VXR. Will be interesting what they say about it as so far I didn't get the impression from reading they were taken by the VXR :?
    I see they also used the car in their 0-100-0 test in the same article. Hard to say really whether it did any good as the range of motors its up against are a bit "random" to say the least........

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    Anyone run a vxr up the quarter mile yet? The 15.2 @95mph posted by autocar or whoever seems a bit weak really.......would like to see the difference with a miltek and remap!


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      There was chap on Astra Sport who run his VXR up their early on in the year when the track wasn't at its best and managed a 14.5 sec 1/4 mile.
      Thread here
      EVO mag recorded a 21.9 for the 0-100-0 test but did admit the car was hampered with a damp track. I'm sure Dougie has some more "real world" stats he's recorded in some of the test cars..... :wink: