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Clicking Steering

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  • Clicking Steering

    Hello everybody
    I have had my vxr 6 weeks, noticed last week the steering was clicking, so took it into my local dealer. He told me they need to fit a pad behind the steering which will take a couple of hours to bond, so booked it back in. Has anybody else had the same prob, and if so, is this the correct fix!

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    I do believe this is a common problem upon the astra H models, but not that common it has happened a few times, its just a small item missed on manufacture


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      Took the car into the dealer today, they seem to think it is a plastic part behind the steering, something to do with the airbag that needs replacing and reprogramming, will let you know the outcome, goes in next week!


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        Hi did you get the steering sorted because mine is now doing it


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          steering click/creak

          Yes I have been there. Its on another thread under steering noise.
          Replaced the SIM unit behind the wheel noise gone now. BUT
          Would not reprogram nightmare took 2 days meant dust in the car and the leather seat all shiny and creased as it was sat in and out and sideways while it was done. [Even though seat covers was on ]
          The unit would not allow the setting of an ahead position for the ESP and other systems etc etc etc !!
          Safe Driving ! Andy