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Induction Kits Good or Bad??

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  • Induction Kits Good or Bad??

    Pipercross have sent me a induction kit to fit to my vxr, so i can measure it up to see if any adjustments are required.
    However ive heard of a few horror stories from people who had the Mk4 astra turbos, which costed £150 to rectify.
    So i thought id ask if anyone has a induction kit on their car, and if they have had any problems? before i put this one on mine.
    I understand thats theres no problem with replacing the stand pannel air filter (which de-restricts the air flow), if thats the case then surley the one they have sent will do the same? Please advise
    This is the one they have sent:[][/url]

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    I was always under the impression that "open cone" induction kits like the one you were sent were all noise and no balls...Whereas something like the Pipercross Viper which is enclosed and comes with a dedicated cold air feed would work much better? Cant see how the Pipercross one you have been sent would be of much benefit cos these items rely on a shedload of cold air in order to work to their potential and it aint exactly that under the bonnet of a beast like the VXR :?
    Be interested to know what it does for your car(good or bad)!