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Got a few novelty items

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  • Got a few novelty items

    From a cool ebay seller down in South Bucks - got a VXR Sweatshirt, rucksack, sports bag, and Teddy (for the little un) for the great price of £20
    Shame I couldnt get the fleece he was selling but they only went up to an XL and years of doing weights means that only XXL will do
    So I'm on the lookout for a VXR fleece in XXL now - also got the VXR Brolly and 2 new VXR hatch badges from another Ebayer to add a little cosmetic touch to the car

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    Hi jon, know the seller you mean, bought loads myself, just waiting for the car now, 29april? fingers crossed. I also got the extra badge, took the red out of the R and painted it arden blue, match the car, and been having a word with sister in law to do baseball caps( embroidery machine) with the blue R, If all goes well I will drop one over to you. johnny,(getting excited by the day)
    Arden Astra j , nav 600, afl, full leather, aero pack, power fold mirrors, infinity sound system.


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      Nice one mate - as I mentioned to Aussie in a pm - I feel the extra VXR badges add an extra touch of identity to the car - I stuck one at the bottom of the black door trims (b-pillar) on each door and I think they go quite well!
      Would like to see yours with the "R" done in Arden Blue - I bet that looks ace
      Baseball caps also sound wicked - have you seen the double sided ski hats you can also get?


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        Hi again, yep got the hat the bag the fleece the t-shirt and the jacket, and the assorted keyrings,lol.
        Yep, thought the blue badge be a little different, and hat, everythings in red, even the bttc cars are green this year!
        Cant think of much else to do, car looks stunning as is. Was origanally going for black, then gold all the chrome, but decided on the blue, probably silver all the odd bits, aerial , windows etc. Dunno, as said before car ordered in jan so had many ideas since, Too many!!
        and I like the pics of your beast, used one as me screensaver, sit and drool everyday lol,
        later johnny
        Arden Astra j , nav 600, afl, full leather, aero pack, power fold mirrors, infinity sound system.


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          But have you got the VXR Bombay Mix?
          I have...