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clearing fault codes.

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  • clearing fault codes.

    Can you clear a fault code ie.C0131 with tech 2 even if the fault is still there just to get rid of light on dash.Aint going to pay up to 3000euro fir new ABS unit even though ABS works,all ahead for some of you I reckon this unit will fail!!!!! and since out of warranty got no good will gesture as yet!!!! it sucks but can I clear fault so light goes out??????????
    o yea, VXR has 11,000 miles only...

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    Yes and no, you can clear it but if the fault persists then the error will return.


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      no you cant clear codes unless the fault is repaired. ie new abs unit.. disconecting the battery for 10 mins and using tech 2 will only clear it for a few second/minutes.. upon ignition been switch on the fault code will store again and the ads light will remain activated...

      Any thing to do with the braking system i would get sorted ASAP..


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        yea id love to get it sorted but at over 2000euro for a new unit....I don't think so,ABS still works as does breaks, just no traction control>>> Was hopeing other folks here had same fault code C0131 and somehow got sorted under less expense or point what other issues it may be as dealers will always want most money and replace parts or am I the first with a 06MY car, if so, others will soon be in the pipeline I reckon...
        cheers for the replies....


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          same boat

          have exactly the same prob. mine went @20,000 miles when 3.5 years old have c0131 as fault code cannot be cleared with tech 2 diagnosis can either be abs control unit=£500 or abs pump=£1500 but only able to tell by replacing the unit. Since abs,esp & brakes are unaffected am looking at removing the traction light bulb out of the dash until a more realistic solution becomes available anyway it made me feel better about it when i found out focus st's only have traction control as an option.
          sorry i havn't been any help but i just wanted you to know your not alone out there: