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Problems starting :(

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  • Problems starting :(

    Morning all.

    Yesterday I finished work and went to start the car and nothing.

    Battery is fine, dials light up but after the final turn of the key there was nothing. Not even the sound of the fuel pump or whatever is it you hear buzzing just before ignition.

    After 10 minutes and several attemps it just sprung back into life and has been fine since.

    A light was flashing on the dash - the car / spanner light

    Any ideas please?



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    Possibly a failure by the immobiliser to sync with the key.

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      i had the same thing happen 6 months ago hasnt happend again never knew wat it was


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        Should be a fault code stored, read it out with the accelerator/brake test.

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          I just did the fault code test and got this:

          ECN 161450 then the 2nd number was just zeros.


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            my missis had same problem about a month ago. tech said it was immobiliser


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              Just checked the code from a list of codes on another topic.

              ECN 161450: problem with communication between immobiliser and key-transponder.

              Thanks for your help everyone


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                If it keeps occuring then you'll probably need a replacement CIM


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                  how do you read faults with accelerator brake test???


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                    Press and hold both accelerator and brake pedals, turn ignition on but don't start car. Watch the mileage display and it will show ECNXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is any DTC stored. If none are stored then it'll just shown 000000, if there are multiple codes it will cycle through until 000000 is shown

                    Take the first 4 digits of any code, and that is the DTC to check (i.e. 042011, DTC Code is 0420)


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                      yeah we replaced quite a few cims on astras for this exact same reason, randomly it would accept the transponder code other times it would not resulting in non start, if it does it again and you have a second key take out the no good one, remove it from the key ring and keep it away from the ignition barrell and try the second key to see if it starts. I have seen this a few times where one of the keys will not start the car and it left on the key ring, the owner tries to start the car with the other key and the cim gets a bit confused as it seeing a good code and a bad code. We were always advised by vauxh techline to seperate the two keys


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                        ther is a cim update for this if it doesnt cure problem will req a cim or key