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Help with IPF unit asap

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  • Help with IPF unit asap

    Just put a new map on my car the 290ps 450nm no cats

    Everything whent fine got the green light in the car the car starts but when i am going to the final stage nothing happens j

    Get 2 green ok but never goes in to the 8 step

    does it matter if i unplug it now?

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    i would ring regal mate before they shut
    my m8 unpluged his bluefin while it was doing sumfingin in his corsa vxr and it stopped the car from working as in wouldnt start.


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      But i am not in the car got the green light in the car, so could that happen ?


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        If you've flashed the car and unplugged the IPF back into the PC for the last step it doesn't matter. I've never bothered with the last step on anytime I've used an IPF for someone. As long as its been plugged in the car and flashed funky colours for 10 mins and gone SOLID GREEN ignition off unplug and start car job done. The last step is just to inform EDS that your flash was succesful or not and wont muck up if you dont do it.

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        Clique #14


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          Jebb i sat in the car for about 15min with those funky lights and got constant green light and the car starts

          Ok good never had problem