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Under 25's Insurance Update!

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  • Under 25's Insurance Update!

    Firstly guy i would like to thank you for pointing me in the direction of a few insurance companys that will insure myself on my modified VXR!

    This is just a quick update to show you wot i found as it may help a few of you who are also looking to insure!

    Me :

    Age 23
    Postcode Good
    5 Years No Claims
    RARB, Dap R Springs, NGK Sparks, ITG Filter, Remus, Stage 2 Remap

    This is wot i got back from the insurance companys and i think you will be able to tell where i went!

    Adrian Flux - £1054
    A-Plan - £1130
    Green Light - £837

    These were all fully comp with all mods declaired and replaced like for like when claiming and my 5 Years No Claims protected!

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    are them prices like for the year though or do you pay it monthly? they always bump it up a lot for those who want to pay it monthly!


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      that was the price if paid in full!

      i obviously went with greenlight and am paying monely and only pay £931 in total i believe! deposit was £301 and then 9 payments of £70!


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        thats really good now i know who il be getting my insurance with in future!!!!


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          they are definately worth approaching for a quote and there customer service has been brilliant so far!


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            Did you get a quote of Chris Knott at all? Or don't they do under 25's?



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              no wont insure under 25's!


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                I'm wit green light and they are great, i'm 24 wit 5 years no claims and my renewal this month is 680, thats only wit my exhaust tho and that didn't even put it up. they are mod friendly