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Privacy glass for OPC/VXR

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  • Privacy glass for OPC/VXR

    Do any one sell darker driver and side windows ?

    The orignil windows are a little dark but i not enough in opinion

    As the cops are not the biggest fan of the tinted windows in the front

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    I've got mine tinted, got the fronts done in the lightest tint and i've never been stopped for them. I went one step darker on the back. I'll try get pics if you want?
    7 years of ownership and still love it!!


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      No needed had mine tinted in front and back had to take them out in front or i would get a big ticket plus some some ******** charge for disobaing a police officer

      took them out and the car does not looks as good now
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        dark tints are not good because you have no eye contact with others, try riding a motorbike and judging if a driver has seen you , you do not know if some **** is going to kill you so you slow down to almost a stop,keep it clear and be let out at junctions!