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Which spare wheel fits the 'spare wheel well'?

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  • Which spare wheel fits the 'spare wheel well'?

    Hi peeps.
    Im not so happy about not having a spare wheel so I wanna go to a scrappy or something and get one to replace that gunk we get as standard.

    Which wheel fits the studs and the wheel well in the boot? Im concious about the rolling diameter being different so do I just go for an Astra wheel or are Veccy wheels bigger etc?

    OR.... do I just keep it simple and stick to the gunk?


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    Check this thread, a 19 inch astra wheel will fit by the looks of it


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      Whatever you get, make sure it's a 17" or bigger wheel as that's the smallest size that will fit over the front brakes.

      The other alternative is if you get a flat on the front, to swap the rear to the front and put the spare on the rear (which is whats advised anyway)
      Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
      Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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        I have a standard snowflake 18", it fits in the well but pushs up the carpet slightly.

        One thing I will say though, is that I couldnt find a cheap 18" uni-directional tyre so opted for a one-directional tyre, if you get a puncture on the wong side, the tyre will be on backwards.


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          That cool guys. Ive got bloody 19"s and I have a spare wheel and tyre but there aint no way its going in the wheel well! Was hoping to get a spare from the scrappy or something for the cost side of things so I wasnt planning on getting anything but a steel to be fair. but top gen from you lot either way.Cheers