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    This electronic suspension thingy !!!
    Hmmmm just do not know what to do about this ???
    If around the track it is better !!!
    Does this mean it feels stiffer when cornering or is the passive set up stiffer ???
    Please advise as my time to change options on my VXR is running out !!!
    Cons & pro's !!!
    :? :? :?

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    I really do feel you should go without. I know I am comparing Vectra to Astra but I feel the Astra has a better "in touch" with the road feeling, whereas the vectra feels a little floating over the road, although it is firmly in touch and you do get use to it. I think when the Vectra goes it will go big time and without notice, whereas you always know what the Astra is doing. I have to admit though I haven't had the chance to drive the Astra with IDS.
    The place I think the IDS and CDC does score is in the braking department where it just runs flat under heavy braking and that dipping nose is well restrained.
    This is only my opinion.


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      Re: IDS PLUS

      Originally posted by Turbowayne
      If around the track it is better !!!
      Does this mean it feels stiffer when cornering or is the passive set up stiffer ???
      The advice from VX is that the IDS+ set up is quicker round a track.
      I can't comment on whether the SPORT ON IDS+ setting is harder then the passive; I suspect it is but the passive is designed to get the most out of UK roads, especially twisty challenging B roads.
      If you tend to do most of your motoring on motorways or good quality A roads the IDS+ might suit you.
      Personally I like to be able to change the suspension settings on demand. I'm sure the handling is nowhere near as good on country roads but flicking SPORT on gives a harder setting which works very well on good road surfaces where you can chuck it around a bit and OFF works well on long motorway jaunts.
      I think if you intend seeking out twisty stuff and 'fully enjoying' its handling take it off the options list.
      Mark makes a good point - with it on it radically reduces nose dive under heavy braking - also flick it on when going over speed bumps!


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        The setup you go for is going to depend on your preference for which roads you use the most and if you enjoy giving it a bit of stick on the more challenging B roads, I agree that having the ids on on these types of roads just doesn't work, the system can't adapt fast enough to the varying surface, I've found that if you hit a bump just before or into a corner the car unsettles and the car jolts as the suspension seems to loosen up for a moment.
        On the other hand when you're on a good quality surface corners can be taken fast with the car remaining flat and smooth even on tight bends.
        There will be aftermarket suspension upgrades so if you do choose ids and find it a problem, you could go for one of these.