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Glasgow Bodyshops?

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  • Glasgow Bodyshops?

    Hi people, Just wondering if anyone could recommened any good, well priced bodyshops in or around the Glasgow area?

    Seen there are one or two in Pailsey, Renfrew, Johnstone, then obv Glasgow, but anyone got any experiences?

    Got an Arden VXR, with some scratches (hopefully not too deep, etc), and wondering where i could go that would do a decent job.

    Also, anyone got any prices for wee things like this they've had done, just to tr give rough guide towards costs?


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    Not Glasgow but bathgate,Steve Walkers Bodyshop is really really good

    Touch up in Glasgow,just passed the sherriff court aswel


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      Thanks mate.

      Any idea on prices and stuff? Never taken a car to bodyshop before, and i know it obv depends on what your wanting done, but are these two competively priced anyway?


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        I would say touch ups is cheaper and obviously not far to travel to.Only used both once each,rear diffuser done by touch ups and chrome strip painted by steve walkers.Neither was pricey tbh

        My mates used steve walkers many a time and swears by them and their work is flawless from what iv seen

        But its a good 30 miles or so from glasgow


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          Yeah mate, understand about distance, but if was guaranteed a good job, car could do with a wee run i'd think, haha!

          Will deffo keep both in mind though, and probs phone on Monday. See what other response i get too.

          Thanks again.


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            No problem mate


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              Anybody else know of any decent bodyshops?



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                Anyone recommend anywhere else?

                I've used touch-ups twice and I don't think i'd go back, he did my rear spoiler & V and the V has a couple of bits of dirt or something under the paint, little spots. The spoiler has a very orange peely finish, both parts were brand new in primer... not really impressed

                Need to get front/rear splitters and side skirts done next and don;t really have any faith in that place anymore.
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                  Steve Walkers defo mate,work is top notch even if you do have to travel a bit to get there


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                    Is recommend my body shop guy who works at simons custom exhausts in east kilbride, very good and very cheap, I'm going tomorrow for repair work


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                      id recommend jb coachworks in paisley, he fitted my rear bumper and sprayed arden and you cant see any difference from the rest of the car
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                        I would go for scott brothers in parkhead they do fantastic work and great prices! The guy was recommended to me from another member on here and i am more than satisfied with the work i had done! (which wasnt a small job) If you want the contact for the guy i know he will more than oblige to do for probably the best price you will get (in my experience) just give me a pm
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