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    Hi people,

    Just got my car last week, and within a day or two, noticed that when car was on full lock to the right, there was a rubbing noise.

    I took back to garage on Friday, and they booked it in for today. Dropped it off this morning, and just had phone call to tell me cars ready, but got to order a part in.

    They've told me its a 'suspension knuckle', or something like that. Anyone any ideas on this?

    Also, car was MOT'd in October, and couldn't have covered many miles at all since then, as it was driven over from another garage, i had to wait bout fortnight for plate transfer, then i got it, so that takes up most of October anyway.

    Does this sound like dodgy MOT done or anything?

    Was Arnold Clark got it from btw.


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    Come on people, somebody must have some input on this, lol?


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      Suspension knuckle? Things I would imagine it to be if you are having rubbing on full lock is either a CV joint has gone or your lower arm bushes are knackered. Possibly a suspension top mount.
      I have a difference of opinion to you.


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        think you need the RS forum lol
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          Bottom Ball joint gone?


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            Thanks for replies guys, but went in to get car back, as gota order parts up.

            Says something about a 'strut', and 'knuckle' on order, so seems to be as they said. Combined, both parts come to best part of £400, plus few hours fitting say, so best part of £500 job, and only got car on Thursday, lol!

            Warranty job obv though, as in 30 days period, or else would been big arguement starting, lol!