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  • Running In VXR

    Sorry if this has already been answered but I am new to the forum having just picked my new VXR up Thursday.
    What is everyone opinioned on runnining the car in?
    I had to travel 200 miles to pick my car up so drove home and stuck to s steady 70-80. I have done another 100 round town and tried to take it steady avoiding foot to floor and keeping it under 4-5000 revs.
    Is there anything else I need to do? How long before I can start to put my foot down cos the temptation is killing me!
    Other then this I LOVE the car and anyone who is unsure forget any worries and get one ordered. I ordered on 2nd Feb, colelcted Thursday from Inchcape Newbury. Paid 17045 for a brand new red, with 19's.
    Are they any modifications that people can reccomend? I dont want anythign outragious but would consider any tweaks.
    Anyway, nice to meet you all

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    I don't think you will ever get one definative answer to that question.
    When we bought the TVR it was to follow the running in procedures religiously (which was an absolute pain) or the engine will blow. The dealer also sold Lotus and he said the running in of an Elise was a different story, his opinion if you wanted a quick Elise was to nail it from minute one. That was an opinion that he had on all other Euro and Japanese cars regardless of them being petrol or diesel.
    I am certainly not a fan of nailing cars but I have started to drive new cars as I would when they have 000's of miles on them. The result so far is that I do have a very quick Citroen C4 and the Vectra is loosening up nicely (although I am told that won't be loose until 9K miles - not sure how true that is).


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      My opinion and only mine, up to 200 miles gentle acceleration. up to around 4000 rpm, then from 200-600 brisk acceleration up to 5,000rpm in the lower gears, without using full throttle. After 600, running complete. Dont labour the engine by poodlering around in high gears, use the gears for flexibility .
      When I run in a make good progress and vary the speeds.
      But as Catherine says hard to get any purley defined way of doing ti.
      This is only my opinion but hope it helps.


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        Hi Ben,
        Talking to John at (Thorneley) He advised no long motorway runs try to use the car (Gears) every 30 or so miles as Catherine said give it some acceleration to near red line. This helps to wear in the pistons and bores. Personally I thought there wasn't any reason any more to run cars in. I still think thats the case, however never having drove a real performance car I would tend to er on the side of caution, but thats only me. As Sparky rightly said, I don't think you'll ever get a totally definitive answer. Just use your intuition, or give John a ring, he seems a really genuine informative guy. I can't wait to get mine mid June. Did you get yours from Inchcape at Newbury or Reading? Have fun, but keep safe.


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          I got mine from John at Newbury, helpful as possible despite not really being able to give me a definative date. Ended up as 12 weeks which I think is about as good as can be expected.
          Absolutly love the car though and just cant wait to rack up a few mile and finally get my foot to the floor!


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            Nice one Ben, I am dealing with Andy at Reading, seems to be on the ball. I could get mine early May, however we are going to Australia for 6 weeks until June 12, I don't know what I'm looking forward to most, what a conundrum and I'm 51!!