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VXR New start.

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  • VXR New start.

    Hi all,
    I'm a newcomer to this site, joined on 15th April. Love the site; really informative with great topics.
    I joined the VXR team with my 06 Arden Blue Astra VXR complete with chrome trim below the windows on 1st March and haven't looked back since. I paid 19K for it and thought that was a great deal till I started browsing here!! I got 19's AFL, PDC, Cruise, Climate and metallic paint for that though so not too bad. I do think the chrome trim works really well with Blue too.
    Had a few niggles with it; rear lights misting up after washing and the finish on the 19's isn't the best. Also, I've noticed one of the clips holding the front valance to the inner arch seems to have broken, nothing's hanging off yet but it will be back at the dealers for a repair. All in all though the car is fantastic. Anyone looking for a hot hatch shouldn't look by the VXR, can't be beaten for smiles per pound!
    Almost bought the Golf GTI but after driving the VXR it's obvious that VW have missed the point a little with the Golf; too tame. The VXR just reminds you what driving a hot hatch is all about.
    The VXR is run in now and is going for it's Milltek turbo back system on Saturday so that should keep me happy for 5 minutes before the re-map....and I said I was going to leave this one alone!

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    where you havin your work done? the milltek system is great, your love it!


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      My brother in law is the head technician at my local dealer up here in Scotland where I bought the car and he's fitting the Milltek for me so it'll be in good hands.


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        Arden, it pays to have somebody in the know - good on ya. We looked at the Golf R32, but luckily went with the Astra - her indoors is talking about mods already!!