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Why are some of the more Pimp Options not on the VXR

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  • Why are some of the more Pimp Options not on the VXR

    So, I am looking at the VXR and the SRI.
    How come some of the cooler options like Keyless entry, rain sensors and auto dim rear view mirror are not available on the VXR.
    I guess the first thought is because they are not sporty enough and add weight. Just wondering if anyone knew as I may want to add some of these items onto the VXR (when I buy it) at a later date.

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    Its a good question and is all down to build complexity. The more options we offer the more delay we add into the system so we've kept it as lean as possible. Sorry


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      Some additions can be requested and vauxhall are very good at trying to satisfy a request. Be sure to check which options can be added as a build request.


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        if a VXR buyer wants an option not listed then check with dealership if any bulid requests CAN be added. This is usually checked before the car is ordered. An email is sent to marketing services and then added options are either ok'ed or declined. things like 'sight and light' and folding mirrors etc are usually fine.