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How fast is it Mr?

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  • How fast is it Mr?

    I have to say I find it strange that all you people shell out 18+ grand on a hot hatch and nobody asks how quick is it-honestly? Well not Me I want to know just what the thing will do so,I strapped in my trusty Varicom performance computer and headed for the nearest private test track to get some idea of what I can wring out of her. The car is a standard vxr with 18's and normal exhaust.
    0-60 is a ***** to get right, hindered by the hair trigger throttle and the fact that the car needs two gear shifts to reach the speed, I found that if you let the TC do the work for you it slows the car way to much,you need to feed in the power but the throttle wont let you! So 6.5 seconds was the best I could get,I did try it in sport mode and with ESP off but it was slower due to TC intervention or wild wheelspin.........Disappointed? Read on........
    Next came the quarter mile test, the elapsed time obviously gives an idea of the power the car has but it better reflects the grip the thing can get,not good in a front wheel drive car! Terminal speed is the accurate measure of power,spin the wheels at the start and it will kill your ET but not the TS.
    So after a few runs to find the best shift rpm etc I recorded a 14.88 second ET with a TS of 96 mph, I think this is about what the press recorded as a speed but I am sure the ET is a fair bit quicker....dont let the TC cut in!..............Disappointed? Read on!
    It just so happens that I had been invited by a friend at Vauxhall to meet at the performance centre and have a test drive of a "fettled" Astra vxr, it has a sport exhaust and some new software in the engine ecu. Oh and a top secret camshaft. Boy that thing shifts! And rev...7800!
    Thats it now im hooked......just could not leave without a laptop being plugged into my own 1300 mile car! Suffice to say that the ride home was quicker than the one going!
    On goes the Varicom again and off I go....First thing you notice is that in normal mode the throttle is much more linear, this makes it much easier to feed in the power,and the rpm limit has been lifted to do 60 in 2nd gear......Wow 0-60 5.79 seconds,and thats not in sport mode!
    So what about the quarter mile?.........14.61 seconds at 99mph and in sport mode....14.48 at 102.8 mph!
    I have to add for those of you thinking well its only 6 mph faster in the takes damn near 10hp for every 1 mph increase in TS....ask a drag racer! And on the road the car is a rocket, 3rd gear is awesome!
    Give the boys at 888 a call......make sure that ST cant get a look in!

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    Wow....what a post...couldn't agree more. I took VPCs car out too! WOW!!! Mine is now a stage 1 and what a difference to the car. Only had it on a week now! You sum it up nicely! Good to know the 0-60 time WITHOUT sport too!!!


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      Good read mate


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        Nice post.
        I have been out in the VPC car, and it is a mad machine.
        As soon as I am happy with the car in standard form, she will be heading there (Don't want to put it through a hedge!)