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sports button/ cruse control

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  • sports button/ cruse control

    is the car more fuel efficent with sport button on or off, the other day i was driving with cruse control on i pressed the sport button and comp read out for instant consumption went up by about 4 mpg. got lots of deep grooves in front disks as any one else seen this going to take back to vx i think. great site cheers boys and girls For all your tuning needs

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    Reckon you're right mate. Pressed Sport button often (as you do) and seen "Range" miles increase. Must be result of more responsive throttle and less need to labour engine? No probs with grooves in discs though! VXL warranty issue me thinks!


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      Sport mode and fuel consumption

      1. Are we saying then that with Sports button on, fuel consumption is not increased per se but due to the very nature of the characteristics of Sport mode ie throttle response, fuel consumption may increase due to the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal ie if you're right foot gets a bit too heavy?

      2. From the manual we know that steering gets heavier and throttle response is better (and in cars with CDC, change to suspension settings), but does anything else change eg injectors, fuel pump, etc? (I don't mean holding Sport button for 5 secs and turning ESP off)


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        1. Yes
        2. No


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