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Track day?

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  • Track day?

    Someone told me to have a go on a track. Never done it. I am somewhat nervous about throwing the family hatch around one.
    Can anyone re-assure me with their experiences? :|

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    The most important thing you should do is listen to the instructions before going on the circuit,from the instructors.
    Treat the track as a fast road, don't become competative and keep good checks on the rear, cars will approach very quickly from behind. Build your speed up slowly lap after lap. Don't over cook it and don't burn out. If you find yourself making mistakes come in and take a break.
    Oh one other thing make sure you break on the straight, get the speed down before the corner. Really avoid breaking as you turn in or mid corner unless you really need to.
    Take your time to learn the lines and build speed as your experience grows. DO NOT GO GUNS BLAZING. This is a rough guide hope it helps.
    Most important, enjoy.


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      If you look around there are quite a few well organised track days especially aimed at new folks. Have a look at the pistonheads web site as they often advertise track days for people with little or no experience.
      There will usually be an indicator system set up using traffic cones so the first cone will be on the side of the track where your car should be positioned, the 2nd will be your braking point (definitely on the straight). The 3rd will be your turn in point and there will be a cone on the apex of the corner for you to aim to clip the apex of the corner at exactly the right point. Building up the speed slowly is good advice and generally your first few laps should be done at relatively low speed so you can concentrate on positioning of the car at the points marked by the cones.
      Don't feel pressured to go too fast in your early laps by people coming up fast behind you there will be rules stating that no overtaking is allowed unless on the straight and always on the left. Just indicate to the right and stay on the right and the passing driver will know you have seen them and go past when it is safe to do so.
      Once you get used to things it is enormous fun, the best places for first outings are usually the airfield based days as they provide absolutely enormous run off areas so if you do overcook it rather than gravel traps you have concrete or grass to play with.


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          Just noticed you are in Croydon, so come to the Brands day
          2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008