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  • regal tunig

    just had a look at their website and their stage three is a claimed 340bhp!? can the vxr chassis really take this? surely alot of the power is goin to be lost because its front wheel drive?

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    Jom's is the only one i know of so far with the major regal tuning and he is putting out approx 307bhp at the flywheel and that involved some major engine mods from uprated turbo and cams through to custom remap and induction system etc etc etc, so im not sure where the 340bhp claim comes from


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      Originally posted by Aussie
      , so im not sure where the 340bhp claim comes from
      There **** !!!!!!!!


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        thats the link to it on their site, i dont really know anythin bout it just wonderin?


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          Regal - Stear clear.......
          Oh, Aussie, i've got another "Regal" tuned corsa (C20LET) that was fully rebuilt, under piston spray bars etc....
          Geuss what, it went pop, not long after being fitted


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            I wouldn't say joms engine is heavily modded, from what I've read the work completed is custom map, inlet cams, improved manifold and turbo which are all a direct fit, no major engine work involved.
            Myself and quite a few friends have had alot of work done at Regal without encountering any problems, they've vast experiance and tuned many engines in their time.
            If you take a snapshot from all the well know tuners in the country who've been going for more than a year or two, I think you'll find evidance of engines that have deteriorated or gone bang, is this down to tuners work or owner neglect, something that can be hard to pin down unless you have all the facts to hand and decent knowlage in tuning our engine.
            Don't let negative comments banded around by certain individuals put anyone off.