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poor paint quality & feeling a bit miffed

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  • poor paint quality & feeling a bit miffed

    Having major problems with paint work on my red vxr. Car has already been in once to have to driver's side sill resprayed. Which has been sorted. Found out today that the marks in paint work which have recently appeared are due to the tape used in transportation to stick down the high pressure lights, doors etc has damaged the lacquer on the paint and it now bleeding through due to uv rays according to friend who works in a body shop.
    Also miffed that since reading this forum that it transpires that the miltek exhaust could have been fitted at the factory as part of an opitional accessory. I would have had this fitted a time of order as I did ask about it when ordering but was advised that it was only available on track cars and not road legal.
    Got any ideas if I have a case with the dealer to have it fitted at cost???
    Any remarks would be appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear about your paint problems.
    The Milltek system is not a factory fit option, its a retailer fitted option which cant be fitted until the car arrives at the dealer Im afraid. Your best bet would be to contact your dealer about your paint worries and to see about the exhaust, if your not happy with the result then you can always contact Vauxhall Customer Services.


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      Hi Mick
      I asked vxl in corby to do my exhaust and they were not interested mate,so thats why I got Thorney to do it -----and paintwork on mine seems to be getting massacred by stones(bonnet really bad) so I thing respray will happen-----How much does your friend at the bodyshop charge for bonnet respray (I have about 7 or 8 seperate chips a stone just looks at the paint and it jumps off)


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        Michael - I think its maybe a blessing that you didnt get the Milltek fitted by the dealer cos you can now come the short distance down to MK and have a real professional in Thorney fit you the zorst. At least it will give you a choice of what system you would like - be it the cheaper cat back or the more expensive full system which offers more (10-15) BHP ( the one I want when I have a spare grand )


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          Hi to the 2 John's (Corby/MK)
          The body shop is in Finedonn will let you know the address when we meet up.
          Thanks to Jon at Thorney for the blast in the red rocket today. I was the white van man. Will definately be coming to see you in the next few weeks to get the full system fitted (bang goes the holiday) Sorry to shoot off, forgot to ask how much????? do you take plastic????? the money you make off this you can put towards you car fund!!!!!!!! All the best see you both soon