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Ordered VXR in Black and have some ?'s.

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  • Ordered VXR in Black and have some ?'s.

    Hello everyone,
    I have just signed up to the site as will be a proud owner of a black VXR + 19’s soon, ordered last week and was advised by the dealer that it may take up to 6 weeks. I am looking forward to picking up the VXR but am also sad about trading in my Coupe 2.2 full Irmscher kit + chrome 18’s! And would like to hear opinions/answers to the following:
    Have I made a the right choice or should I have gone for a standard Twintop 2.0 turbo to carry on from the coupe style shape.
    Does the VXR come as standard with VXR branded mats I have seen many pictures with them in? If not where can I get them?
    Has anyone else gone from the coupe to VXR and what are your thought?
    When will the next gen of astra be launched as I have practically put my neck in the guillotine in order to get this car and am hopping it will not be replaced anytime soon.
    Ho do you find the handling of the car is it unsafe in the wet etc?
    Has anyone else ordered a car @ this time and if so deliv times quoted ?
    Look Forward to talking with you all.

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    Ok answers to questions in order that i can.. BTW Black is a great choice but i hope you like cleaning it
    1 Nah its too slow :wink:
    2 Yes
    3 Not me
    4 Dunno but cant be soon this Gen aint been out for very long.
    5 Handling is fine in the wet putting down stage 2 power is a very different story tho...Saying that my VX220 turbo was positively scary in the wet this gives me confidence :wink:
    6 6 weeks sounds about average for delivery i got lucky and they where just driving it into the showroom and i said nah dont bother i`ll take that :P


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      Re: Ordered VXR in Black and have some ?'s.

      Originally posted by B10CEY
      Has anyone else gone from the coupe to VXR and what are your thought?
      I have gone from a coupe turbo to an Astra VXR.
      To be honest this may sound like a joke but everything is better.
      Handling, performance, build quality, comfort.....
      The coupe felt flimsy, this car is so much a better product - quantum leap.
      Don't miss anything about the old car.... at all