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    Afternoon all,
    A little help, the area manager at my local Vauxhall who i bolught my demo blue VXR off has now acquired a brand new 06 black VXR with rear tinted windows. I must admit it did look relly good, but didn't have time to request figures. Has anyone tinted their windows, if so how many windows, what % darkness, cost and would it suit a blue model.
    Whats the overall opinion on the chrome window edging on the 06 model. I am 50/50 as mine is a Jan 06 55 plate with just the black rubber. Has anyone changed their pre 06 VXR window edging to chrome, again how much was that?
    Thanks once again guys

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    Hi mate - to answer your questions as well as I can...
    Tinted windows - I had my back 3 windows done by one of Northants premier tint firms last Saturday for the bargain price of £120 - I went for a "midnight" tint which I think is about an 80% tint and there is some contrast to the front windows but I had it done darker for the sake of my 5 year old who was getting p*ssed off with the sun in his eyes - my car is also Arden Blue.
    I will get pics up this evening for you!
    As for the Chrome trim - if you decided to try and retro fit it I think it would be a fruitless and costly exercise cos it would mean removing all the rubbers (and glass) on the rears as well as the rubbers on the front doors and for what? I dont really think it makes that much of a difference IMO!


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      tint all round


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        I have an Arden Blue with Full tints. 30% front and 40% rear. Looks awsome. Really glad i had it done. Cost was £170. Great job