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Getting my beast in 1 week

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  • Getting my beast in 1 week

    Hi Everyone,
    Great forum, info is great that you have all posted.
    I have ordered my new VXR and will be here next week, after a long hard think i thought it was the right time to change my 05 plate SRI for a VXR.
    I've been so used to having an SRI fully loaded and with exterior kit it took a lot for me to go and test the VXR, but when i got in it, it changed my mind.
    I've gone for Arden blue, 19" upgrade, cruse,climate,AFL,CD40 opera stereo with phone kit, private plate and miltec exhaust system.
    My SRI had folding mirrors and i have had a massive arguement with garage saying i wanted folding mirrors, and them saying you can not get it on the VXR. Not happy now reading your site knowing you can get it, but nevermind, the beast will keep me happy.
    In a nice way i hope i don't see any more VXR where i live, as mine will be the 3rd in the area. (Keighley area).
    Hopefully will be at Performance 06 at Santa Pod on Sunday, will hopefully catch up with some VXR owners then.

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    Welcome and enjoy. I am sure will be a number of VXR owners all over the show. Touch base with several folks on the Vauxhall Sports Car Club stand.
    See you there


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      hi there. I sure the VXR you have chosen is just right. Shame about the options you thought could not be added. Good luck; I am happy to help with any questions you might have in the future.


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        Thanks Adam,
        Im sure i will be calling on help at some point.